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Social TRade Organisation STRO: innovations in local economy

Social TRade Organisation, STRO, develops innovations to strengthen micro credit and local economies. STRO tests its innovations in pilot projects with complementary currencies and circuits of exchange between producers and consumers. These projects improve the access to credit and markets, stimulate entrepreneurship for companies providing local plumbers and enhance the outcome of environmental projects (e.g. biofuels).

Where are these innovative projects executed?

The pilot-projects are located in Brazil, Central-America, Uruguay and the Netherlands.


Latest news

  • Biofuels or food? Peter Moers, project manager Central America, explores the food-fuel relationship in STRO's Gota Verde project.
  • Want to work as a manager in a STRO project? Play the Social Trade Game and bring a local economy to prosperity.

  • Want to work in Brazil? STRO is looking for a Java programmer.with Latino roots.
  • We are also looking for translators and editors (Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish).
  • In May 2008 the Compras network reached the number of 738 members. Read more....

  • STRO wins the W�rgl prize for innovative and practical money projects. Read more...
  • "Waste product" provides employment: women in Honduras take pains over it. Read more...


Social TRade Organisation STRO: specialists in local currency systems.
We work in the field of micro-credit and strengthening local economies in Brazil, Central-American and Asia through local currency systems.


Social TRade Organisation STRO: innovative economy in developing countries.
We are specialised in innovative development methods as an instrument to help local communities achieve a sustainable quality of life.

How do we do this?
Complementary Currency Systems: our methods.
STRO promotes complementary currency systems to encourage circulation of locally available purchasing power to create a healthy and dynamic local environment as basis for socio-economic development.


Complementary Currency Software
Complementary Currency Software : Cyclos
STRO developed open source software for local currency systems. It allows secure administration of mutual transactions. Meer...

Gotaverde (biofuels)
Biofuel production and use in rural Honduras Meer...

STRO publications about local exchange and trade systems
Reports on projects with social trade networks, Promoting trade in LETSystems


Contact with STRO : Social Trade Organisation by telephone, fax, or email Meer...

Biofuel Program
Biofuel program.
Renewable power source, cleaner than others. It can be also
a very important source of local employment Meer...

Dutch (Nederlands)
Dutch-language website of STRO, Link naar Nederlandstalige website, hier klikken.

Links on monetary methods, partners of STRO, and general information Meer...

Research microcredit and money circulation: Simulation project
International research program to create software in which the flow of money through poor regions in developing countries can be simulated. A tool, to evaluate and upgrade development initiatives.