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Complementary Currency Software: Cyclos

Social TRade Organization STRO developed software specially designed for local currency systems under the name of Cyclos. Cyclos software has been published as open source software.
Cyclos is an essential tool for any circuit of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to allow secure administration of mutual transactions and e-connecting supply and demand.

Cyclos features
Cyclos has been built modular and is also usable for LETS-like groups. It has many interesting features such as:

  • all administration carried out through internet
  • a market place
  • a payment system
  • micro credit administration
  • high level security
  • easy mobile phone payments for consumers
The Cyclos software has brought us a step closer to a self-supporting enterprise network. The many automated functions reduce the need for a heavy administrative structure. Additionally, the broker function (that represents an important cost in barter systems) can be performed largely by the Cyclos software, provided that the participants give the correct and updated information on the demand and supply of goods and services.

Noppes is the name of the Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) of Amsterdam. In 2004 Cyclos was tested and introduced at Noppes. In this case, the Cyclos software reduces the manpower needed to manage the LETS.
At first, the number of members of Noppes dropped after the introduction of the Cyclos software, because several members did not have access to Internet. Gradually, this was compensated by new members attracted by the possibility to trade through the Internet.
Now Cyclos is used in local currency systems in Latin America and in several LETSystems in Canada and Europe.

In 2004 Cyclos has been launched in Brazil in support of the Consumer Community Curcuit. End of 2004, Banco do Brasil agreed (as part of the CompRaS project) to integrate the Cyclos software with its own administration.

Download and details
More information about the Cyclos project, a description of the software�s main features and technical details, and a downloadable version can be found at: http://project.cyclos.org

Demo site
The latest stable Cyclos version is always published for demonstration. The demonstration version has a basic layout. It is based on templates and can be customized later. We disabled security (https) in the test version for performance reasons.

Due to server problems there is only a demo site available in English and Dutch.
It can be accessed at: www.cyclos.org/cyclos_en

Users of Cyclos
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